lunes, 17 de noviembre de 2014

CAUSATIVE HAVE/GET: Money, money, money!

Money, money, money!

Exercise 1 - have something done

Complete the sentences using the correct form of have something donE and the words in brackets. Use contractions where possible.

We usually  (the bedrooms / redecorate) every two years.

Sarah isn't making her own wedding dress, she  (it / make) by a designer in Italy.score

 (you / ever/ anything / steal) from your house?score

He didn't fix his car himself, he (it / fix) at the garage.score

Your hair is too long. You need  (it / cut).score

I'm going to do my food shopping online and I (the food / deliver) to my house.score

If you can't see properly, you should  (your eyes / test).

Are they going to paint the kitchen themselves, or  (it / paint)?score