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Irregular verbs – worksheets, CROSSWORDS, video

First, watch the video and repeat the words. At the end you can stop the video or play the game and guess the verb the man is drawing. If you guess the verb you have to supply the past tense and the past participle of the verb.

1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cg0HNLzxljQ
2) The second half of the verbs is presented in the following video:

Irregular verbs – worksheets

The first worksheet contains all the verbs in a table.
Then there are two worksheets containing activities to practice the irregular verbs from the two videos. The activities for the first video are here:
The activities for the second video are over here:
Irregular verbs 2 _worksheet
Irregular verbs 2_worksheet_key

Irregular verbs – quizzes

The first two quizzes test the knowledge of the first thirteen verbs presented in the first video. The first test is in HTML5 so you can play it on your mobile device. If you pass the quiz you can play a game at the end.
Irregular verbs – simple quiz
Then you can try the following crossword and wordsearch. Once again both of them are in HTML 5 so they will play anywhere. Again write both the past tense and past participle:
Irregular verbs – crossword Irregular verbs – Wordsearch
The last game is in Flash and it will play just on your desktop. It is called On Target and you have to shoot all the bad ducks. If you want to you can shoot a bottle on the side and get a bonus.
Irregular verbs – On Target
The next games concentrate on the irregular verbs presented in the second video. Once again there are four different activities to help you remember all the irregular verbs. The first one is a simple HTML5 quiz:
Irregular verbs – Quiz no. 2
Then there are a crossword and a wordsearch. Remember to write both the past tense and the past participle.

SOURCE: http://www.engames.eu/irregular-verbs-straightforward/