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Most Common mistakes found: 2nd year of bachillerato Selectividad Exam. Text 2. MUSIC

2nd year of bachillerato
Selectividad Exam. Text 2. MUSIC.

Most Common mistakes found
(How could we learn a better way of doing things, if we never make mistakes?)

*The music is...
Music is...
*all persons
GR. / VOC.
Everybody / everyone
*all things
*All the world
GR. / Vocabulary / expression
Everybody /
*The writer think
The writer thinks
*In my opinion, I think
You are stating your opinion twice: that is redundant. You only need to state it once per sentece.
In my opinion,...
in my view...
I think that...
*People listen music for relax.
Listen TO music TO relax
*very singers
MANY singers
Incorrect sentence structure
(missing subject)

]*Is important to say...
Sentence structure / GRAMMAR
Correct affirmative sentence structure in English:

S + V + O

It is important to say...
*I'm agree
I agree
Exercise 2.
most of you just copy the words from the text literally.

So as to justify your answer you should use your own words and explanation besides some literal quotes using:
The text says...
the text states...
the text recognises...
According to the text, ...
If you look close at paragraph two, the text clearly establishes...
Some of your texts, do not follow an organised pattern.

Remember to follow this pattern:
1. introduction
2. body
3. conclusion (do not add extra information in the conclusion)

Come on! Cheer up! This was only your second Selectividad exam! You will make it better soon! It is all about practice; the more you practice, the better: better results, and it will tire you less and less. I believe that we learn by practice and remember: Tomorrow's battle is won during today's practice.

Let's get to work!

You learn something every day if you pay attention. ~Ray LeBlond