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IGCSE History

What candidates need to know (2018)
About the exam (PowerPoint)
Coursework booklet

Here we go with some help to prepare for Part 1.

IMPORTANT FILE: PowerPoint with sample answers and corrections, suggested timing and major points to remember when writing Part 1.

Revise some 19th century topics:

1848 Revolutions (France)
1848 Revolutions (German Confederation)
1848 Revolutions (Austrian Empire)

Italian Unification

German Unification

Causes for WWII

Read all and write a bullet point summary of at least three of them.

Some useful files for the 20th century topics:


Peace Treaties (PowerPoint)
Between WWI and WWII (booklet we used in class, covers two toppics: League of Nations and the 1920 and the 1930s, events leading to WWII)
Nazism (PowerPoint, focused on IGCSE)

History Notes (peace treaties, League of Nations, road to WWII and Germany between wars)
Revision booklet on Nazi Germany

Modern World History Instant Revision Notes

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26 Questions Every Student Should Be Able To Answer

 12 Questions to Get to Know You Better
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1. What do you love? What are you most proud of?

2. When are you at your best as a person? Student? Friend? Brother/sister?

3. How do you respond–emotionally, practically, etc.–when you’re challenged?

4. What do you need from me as a teacher to be successful this year?

5. What does it mean to ‘understand’ something?

6. What should this school ‘do’ for you?

7. What should you do with the things you know?

8. Are you a picky reader? What are your strengths as a reader (or ‘scientist’ or musician or mathematician, etc)?

9. Who are your heroes and why?

10. What do you want to learn about this year? What are you curious about? What can a person do with curiosity?

11. When are you most creative? Why do you think that might be?

12. What do you want me to know about you? What should I be asking you but I’m not?

Bonus: Do you think you’re a good student? A good learner? Is there a difference?

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via learnonline

Kazuo Ishiguro won the 2017 Nobel Prize in Literature . Ishiguro has met incredible acclaim for his seven novels, which include Never Let Me Go and The Buried Giant. Probably Ishiguro's most beloved book is The Remains of the Day  (Man Booker Prize,  1989) which was adapted into a film starring Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson in 1993. The movie is one of the Merchant-Ivory classics with A Room with a View and Howards End. 

The story is told from a first person point of view. The narrator, Stevens, a butler, recalls his life in the form of a diary while the action progresses through to the present. Much of the novel is concerned with Stevens' professional and, above all, personal relationship with a former colleague, the housekeeper Miss Kenton.

Watch a clip from the movie

1. Worksheet: watch, listen and complete the dialogue

2. Read the Plot Overview of the novel then take the quiz and check your understanding 

3. Worksheet: Reading comprehension, analysis and writing tasks

3.  Discover more: Read Kazuo Ishiguro: how I wrote The Remains of the Day in four weeks

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Bilingual Turgalium Magazine. Number 10

Bilingual Turgalium Magazine. Number 10


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You learn something every day if you pay attention. ~Ray LeBlond


Vocabulary Reference

casecrime that needs to be solved

suspectspeople who the police think may have carried out a crime

investigation(here) process of asking questions, finding out facts and looking at them in order to solve a crime

evidencefacts that show that something is true or (here) someone has carried out a crime

thiefperson who steals something

faketo pretend; to make people believe something which isn’t true

hit someone over the headto hit someone’s head

set something alight - ARSONto make something burn

to convictto officially decide that someone is guilty of a crime

incentivea reason to do something

threatenedpromise to do something bad to someone

draggedpulled something along the ground