viernes, 24 de octubre de 2014



1. Chooose the correct words:

1. Basketball is more EXCITING/EXCITED than hockey.

2. I was really DISGUSTING/DISGUSTED when I heard the news. It was terrible.

3. That pizza tastes disgusting/disgusted. I'm not eating it.

4. Mark was disappointing/disappointed when he did not pass the exam.

5. It's surpising/surprised how many people went to the concert. The weather was awful.

6. I'm INTERESTED/INTERESTING in having an eyebrow piercing. What do you think.

2. Fill in the blanks

Q1 of 10: Peter thought the marathon was __________ (challenge).
Q2 of 10: I was __________ (annoy) by his attitude.
Q3 of 10: Are you __________ (confuse)? Don't worry, I'll explain.
Q4 of 10: That movie was really __________ (depress).
Q5 of 10: It was an __________ (exhaust) day.
Q6 of 10: The children were __________ (frighten) by the storm.
Q7 of 10: You must be __________ (relieve) not that your exams are finished.
Q8 of 10: The news was __________ (discourage).
Q9 of 10: She is __________ (overwhelm) with work.
Q10 of 10: Could this situation be any more __________ (frustrate).

more practice:

-ED people: -ed

    Adjectives that end ‘-ed’ describe emotions – they tell us how people feel about something.
    things, situations, etc.: -ing

      Adjectives that end ‘-ing’ describe the thing that causes the emotion – a boring lesson makes you feel bored.
      Remember that people can be boring but only if they make other people feel bored.
      • He talks about the weather for hours. He’s so boring.
      • NOT I was very boring at the party so I went home.

      Here are some more adjectives that can have both an ‘-ed’ and an ‘-ing’ form
      • amused 
      • amusing
      • annoyed 
      • annoying
      • confused 
      • confusing
      • disappointed 
      • disappointing
      • excited 
      • exciting
      • exhausted 
      • exhausting
      • frightened 
      • frightening
      • satisfied 
      • satisfying
      • shocked 
      • shocking