Re-write the sentences so that they have the same meaning as the original. You must use the words in brackets.

1. Although she was an expert swimmer, she drowned. (OF)
2. The school was closed down due to low inscription. (OF)
3. Helen went to the market so that she could buy some vegetables. (ORDER)
4. The match was cancelled because it was raining. (TO)
5. Despite having a terrible headache, he went to the office. (HAD)
6. I sat by the window in order to see the landscape. (THAT)
7. As well as being en excellent painter, she writes poems and plays the piano.
8. Although Ann isn't very attractive, she is very popular. (HOWEVER)
9. Seeing that we'd run out of milk, we went to the supermarket. (BECAUSE)

10. As well as renewing the kitchen, she redecorated her bedroom. (TO)
11. Many sportsmen are disqualified as a consequence of their illegal use of drugs. (CONSEQUENTLY)
12. John won the race. Nevertheless, he didn't feel happy. (DESPITE)
13. We need to increase sales. Therefore, we'll start a new advertising campaign. (SO)
14. Although he was a millionaire, he behaved as an ordinary man. (YET)
15. Since you are her elder brother, you must take care of her. (BECAUSE)
16. She's an excellent secretary. However, she has never been promoted. (SPITE)
17. She opened the car window so that she could get some fresh air. (IN ORDER TO)

18. I opened the window due to the heat. (BECAUSE)
19. We didn't go swimming because the water wasn't very clean. (SO)
20. The government passed a new law in order to control terrorism.
21. Despite having some problems, she finally passed the test. (HAD)
22. I enjoy going to the beach. My husband does not.
23. As a consequence of his father's illness, he couldn't go to work. (SINCE)
24. Although he was an excellent student, he didn't get the grant. (HOWEVER)
25. They lost the match due to the bad weather. (AS)
26. Although she wasn't hungry, she ate a few biscuits. (OF)
27. She missed the bus so she had to take a taxi.

28. Although she was very intelligent, she pretended not to understand. (OF)
29. In addition to buying a new coat for his wife, he bought himself a cardigan. (BESIDES)
30. Sheila went to the garage to have her car serviced. (SO)
31. He broke his left hand as a result of a skiing accident. (DUE)
32. I like Harry Potter's books. My brother does not.
33. She didn't telephone John because she didn't have his number. (SO)
34. Although he had excellent qualifications he didn't get the job. (YET)
35. They got lost in London because they didn't have a street map. (AS)
36. Although she was very tired, she kept on working. (DESPITE)
37. She lost her purse, so she went to the police station. (BECAUSE)

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