speaking exam CAE

  • Exam: CAE
  • Course: SPEAKING
  • Part 2, Exam 1


Complete the document given by dragging and dropping, or typing, the correct answers into the spaces provided, from the list given alongside.
The finished document will be a model answer for this part of the exam.
writing essay


I would like you to look at the three images, they show people running. For this part I would like you to compare two of the images and say why the people might be running, and what kind of lives they may have.
STUDENT 1: (1 minute to answer)
Running is an activity that is done for many different reasons.

The natural instinct for a busy person who is late is to run to get to some appointment on time. This could be the case of the person in the first image who looks like a busy businessman and is obviously late because he is looking at his watch. This kind of life is very stressful and hectic, although it could also be very interesting and dynamic.

Running is also an excellent form of exercise, and so many people run for pleasure and to get fit. This is the case for the third image where the young lady is running for pleasure while listening to music. Her life would be very enjoyable,comfortable and stress free as she is able to run in the middle of the day in glorious sunshine with her modern electronic devices and designer training clothes.

If I had the choice, I would prefer to live like the sports girl rather than the busy executive because I am sure it is better for your health. .
Which of the pictures is closest to something you have done or experienced, and why?
STUDENT 2: (20 seconds to answer)
A few years ago I was persuaded to run a half marathon by some friends. I had to train very hard, and so the image of the girl running is very similar to my previous experience.

Possible answers:

  • because
  • prefer
  • looking for
  • which
  • show
  • looks like
  • has been