miércoles, 6 de abril de 2016

The Passive Form (Lower level)

Transitive verbs have both active and passive forms:
active passive
The hunter killed the lion.>>The lion was killed by the hunter.
Someone has cleaned the windows>>The windows have been cleaned

The passive forms are made up of the verb be with a past participle:
 bepast participle 
Englishisspokenall over the world
The windowshave beencleaned 
Lunchwas beingserved 
The workwill befinishedsoon
Theymight have beeninvitedto the party


The Passive Form

Completa el texto con la forma pasiva correcta de los verbos entre paréntesis.
The building in front of you  (call) the Summer Palace. It  (build) in 1728 and nowadays it  (consider) one of the finest examples of baroque arquitecture in the country. The south façade of the building  (restore) several times since 1728, but the rest of the building  (keep) unaltered. Today the Palace  (own) by the town hall and for the last ten years it  (use) as a home for the Art Museum. Last year one of our most valuable paitings  (steal) from the museum. At the moment a new wing  (add) to host the contemporary art collections, with special security conditions.