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In Writing for a Purpose you can find information and exercises on the following language areas:
Adjectives: personal feelings about a topic
Collecting data
Defining terms
Describing location, structure, procedure
Discourse markers (linking devices)
Evaluating positions
Explaining cause, effect and significance
Expressions for arguing, evaluating and reaching conclusions
General nouns (for referring back)
Giving reasons for choices or decisions
Linking expressions
Making claims and reaching conclusions
Making recommendations
Measuring and calculating
Nominalised verbs
Phrasal verbs
Planning choices
Quantities Reporting verbs
Reporting verbs
Reporting what is known or believed
Talking about levels of challenge
Talking about methods
Talking about results
Talking about roles
Talking about willingness and ability
Talking about worry and anxiety
The exercises in Writing for a Purpose develop the following skills and language areas:
Arguing and making claims 1 and Arguing and making claims 2
Cause and effect 1 and Cause & effect 2
Concluding 1 and Concluding 2
Describing procedures and methods 1 and Describing procedures and methods 2
Discourse markers
Evaluating 1 and Evaluating 2
Explaining cause, effect and significance
Expressing feelings
General "shell" nouns
"It constructions 1"It" constructions 2 and "It" constructions 3
Measuring and calculating
Number and quantity
Phrasal verbs
Referring to the work of others 1 and Referring to the work of others 2
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