viernes, 15 de mayo de 2015

Speaking Test

B1+: Candidates can engage in conversation about every day topics and topics of personal interest in a confident manner. They can easily express and argue their opinion in lifelike situations and are able to give short explanations. They can provide quite a fluent description of everyday activities.

B1-: Whereas candidates are able to follow clear speech in everyday conversation, they may ask for an occasional repetition of words or phrases. They can engage in conversation about everyday activities and topics of personal interest and they can briefly express their opinion.
Candidates take the test in pairs before a board of two examiners. Candidates can indicate who they would like to take the test with on the Registration form.
The test starts with a general introduction, which helps candidates get used to the atmosphere of the test. The introduction does not form an integral part of the test. Therefore, it is not assessed.
The Speaking test consists of the following tasks:
  1. interview,
  2. picture description (pdf),.
  3. role-play between candidates (pdf).
The first two tasks are to be accomplished individually. The third task is a paired activity. In the first task candidates answer the interlocutor's questions. In the second task they give a description of a picture, and in the third task the two candidates engage in conversation.
All three tasks cover general topics, cf. List of topics.