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This is a list of vocabulary items related to entertainment

Going outdancing

  • Do you feel like going out?
  • Fancy going for something to eat?
  • What about going to that new Brad Pitt film?
  • Why don't we go to the restaurant?
  • Let's go and do some theater.
  • I fancy seeing that new French exhibition.
(To be polite take with you a bottle of wine if you are invited.)

Staying in

  • I'm exhausted; I'm going to stay at home.
  • I'm going to stay in and veg = vegetate. ( I'm going to stay at home and do nothing.)
  • Jack's such a couch potato = This means that Jack loves to spend his life sitting on the sofa
  • I'm going to go back to mine and chill = I'm going home to seriously relax
  • let's get a takeaway (food you order from a restaurant to eat at home) and go home. 


Useful Vocabulary
Entertainment - Going Out - Places to go
Art GalleryCircusFun Fair
Art Gallery
Circus(es)Fun Fair(s)

Build Up

If you go to any of these places are you a customer, a visitor or a member of the audience?
If you go to the theatre, cinema, or circus you are a member of the audience.
If you go to a museum, zoo, fun fair, or art gallery, you're a customer or a visitor.
If you go to a disco or casino, you're a customer.
If you go to a casino, you're a customer (or a mug).
What do you do when you're there?
You go to the cinema to watch a film or a movie. You can say, "I'm going to the cinema / films / flicks / pictures." We also call it the silver screen.
You go to the theatre to watch the performance, it could be a play, a show, a musical, a gig, a pantomime, a puppet show, an opera or a ballet.
You go to a museum or an art gallery to see an exhibition.
You go to a casino to gamble and to try and win money, but you'll probably lose it instead.
You go to a zoo to watch or look at or see the animals.
You go to a disco to listen to music and dance.
You go to a circus to watch the acts.
You go to a fun fair to go on the rides, see the side shows, and to play the games.