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“Fight Cyber-Bullying” lesson plan (B1/B2)

1- Oral interaction: describing pictures
Separate the class in two groups, hand out the following pictures.
     Picture 1 (G1): www.harrisinteractive.com/.../HI_TrendsTudes_2007_v06_i04.pdf
     Picture 2 (G2)   http://www.heles.plymouth.sch.uk/index.php?page=abcyber

a) Preparing the interaction
- Allow 5/8 minutes for students to work in pairs to:

    • be able to ask questions to the other group so as to get a detailed description of
        their picture (wh- questions and yes/no questions)

    • be able to describe picture , to answer questions
- Note: Teacher may help by writing a series of prompts on the board
                                                      What actions....?
        What type..?                                  What feelings...?
    •                                              •
        Who...?                                       Why...?
    •                                              •
        Where...?                                     How many...?
    •                                              •
        When...?                                      Main issue?

b) Interaction
- G1 students and G2 students interact in turn to ask each other questions about the other
group's picture and to describe their respective picture.
Students in G1 listen and take notes of G2 answers in their notebook, and vice versa

- Note: Teacher is the referee: teacher decides for example, when groups should ask
yes/no questions or wh- questions. Teacher helps with falling intonation in questions,
pronunciation, etc.
A tip I have used: Teacher can raise index when a question is correct thus encouraging
the other group to answer. If no finger is raised, Students are encouraged to correct their
friends' mistakes or rephrase the question.

c) Recap:
- Allow 5 minutes for each group to recap and write a brief description for each picture.

 G1 picture is a photo. There are two characters: two girls. Both have long dark hair.
  One has straight hair while the other has curly hair They must be students given the white shirt both are wearing (it might be a college or high school uniform). The scene might take place in a park in spring or summer, they are laying down on the grass and the sun is shining in the background. Both girls are looking at a mobile phone and look suprised, even shocked. Unfortunately, the photo doesn't show the
  screen of the phone, so it is difficult for us to say what it actually displays.

  G2 picture is a photo. There are three characters. The photo is blurred so it is difficult to say what the people look like, but it looks as if they were boys, maybe teenagers. The scene takes place in the street, during the day, maybe after school.
  In the background, two boys are fighting against a bricked wall, and a third person is recording a video of the scene using a mobile phone in the foreground: we can see
  the scene displayed on the screen of the cell phone.

2- Creative writing / acting
a) Students work in groups of two or in groups of 3 to make up a dialogue for their scene:
students may gather in groups of 3 if they work on picture 2.
b) Students play their scene in front of the class.
c) Class discusses what scene/dialogue was the most convincing for each picture.
         Why was the scene/dialogue convincing?
         Do you think this scene is likely to happen somewhere around you?
d) Awarded dialogues for each picture are written on the board, edited and copied.
e) As a continuation : See also Stephane Busuttil's activity « Wipe'm all »: Students record
the dialogues using mp3 players in class, teacher progressively wipes words from the

3- Presentation of the Final tasks
a) Explain the final tasks: To create an awareness poster and an awareness audio PSA
(public service annoucement) on cyber-bullying for a national radio as part of a national
awareness program targeting teens.
       See also mission 3 and 7 (or choose other final tasks to be carried out by students)
- Note that the mission will be detailed in part 4 with the assignment of one specific social
norm as the main topic of the students' final products.
    • see part 4 c) “Details about the mission and final tasks”
    • see rubrics - part 11

4- Answer a survey and discuss

- Hand out one copy of the survey to each student:

a) Students answer the survey individually and anonymously on paper.
b) Students exchange orally and develop answers.
c) Details about the mission and final task:
Teacher assigns each group or student one of the following online social norms from the
survey for their 2 final tasks (poster + PSA)
            • I have a free speech right to say whatever I want online.
            • On the Internet it is okay to reveal personal secrets for others to see.
            • What happens online should stay online.
            • What happens online is mostly a game, so no one can really get hurt.

Instruct each group to come up with a message for re-educating their peers about the
norm they were assigned, to create a poster and awareness radio PSA illustrating the
message ,and to identify some strategies for disseminating their message.

(adapted from
cc_section=lesson_3 - part 10)