jueves, 27 de febrero de 2014



1. Sue’s car isn’t very big. She wants a  car.

2. This house isn’t very modern. I like  houses.

3. You’re not very tall. Your brother is .

4. Bill doesn’t work very hard. I work .

5. My chair isn’t very comfortable. Your chair is .

6. Jill’s idea wasn’t very good. My idea was .

7. These flowers aren’t very nice. The blue one is .

8. My case isn’t very heavy. Your case is .

9. I’m not very interested in sports. I’m  in reading.

10. It isn’t very warm today. Yesterday it was .

11. These tomatoes aren’t very good. The other ones taste .

12. Ireland isn’t very big. France is .

13. Liverpool isn’t very beautiful. London is .

14. This knife isn’t very sharp. Have you got a  one?

15. People today aren’t very polite. In the past they were .


1. A cheetah is  than a horse. (fast)

2. Susan’s hair is  than Betty’s. (short)

3. The Mt Blanc is  than the Großglockner, the Mt Everest is the  mountain. (high)

4. June is  than May, but July is the . (hot)

5. Table tennis is  than tennis but badminton is the . (easy)

6. French is  than English, but Chinese is the language. (difficult)

7. "Airforce One" is the  film I have ever seen. (interesting)

8. No, I don’t think so. "Contact" is  than "Airforce One". (interesting)

9. Hot dogs are  than hamburgers. (good)

10. This is the  chocolate cake I have ever eaten. (good)

11. Skiing is as  as riding a bike. (easy)

12. Carol sings as  as Mary, but Cindy sings the . (beautiful)

13. Tennis is  than skiing, but football is the  sport. (popular)

14. Detective films are as  as western films. (boring)

15. No, I don’t think so! Romantic films are  than western films, but nature films are the  films I have ever seen. (boring)

16. The United States are  than Mexico, but Russia is the .country (large)

17. A mouse is as  as a hamster, but a rat is  than a mouse. (clever)

18. A canary is  than an eagle, but a parrot is the bird. (colourful)

19. Peter is as  as George. (clever)

20. January is as  as February. (cold)


1. She isn’t very clever. You are  than her.

2. He isn’t very tall. You’re  than .

3. She isn’t very old. You’re  than .

4. I don’t work very hard. You work  than .

5. He doesn’t smoke very much. You smoke  than .

6. I’m not a very good cook. You cook  than .

7. We don’t know many people. You know  than .

8. They haven’t got much money. You’ve got  than .

9. I can’t run very fast. You can run  than .

10. I didn’t get up very early. You got up  than .